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Charles Barham
 1626 - 1683

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  • Birth  Abt 1626  Kent, England
    Gender  Male 
    Died  Abt 1683  Merchant's Hundred, James City County, VA.
    Person ID  I010546  Herring
    Last Modified  29 Jan 2010 08:49:32 
    Father  Robert Barham, b. 1598, Broughton-Monchelsea, Kent, England 
    Mother  Katherine Filmer 
    Family ID  F006384  Group Sheet
    Family  Elizabeth Ridley, b. Abt 1643, Isle of Wight Co., VA 
    >1. Robert Barham, b. Abt 1679
     2. Elizabeth Barham
     3. Perilee Barham
     4. Charles Barham
    Family ID  F006391  Group Sheet
  • Notes 
    • The Barham family has traced their ancestors to English Royalty,
      beginning in Kent where the town of Barham surrounds Sissinghurst Castle,
      the ancestral home of the Barhams, members of the House of Lords.
      "Beginning with Warine de Barham, who in 1210 held lands in Berham, near
      Canterbury, by Knight service as one of the military tenants of the
      Archbishop of Canterbury (Article by R. G. Fitzgerald - Uniache,
      B.A.F.R.S.A. Sussex Arch. Soc. LVI (1914) p. 110)".
      Beginning with Charles Barham, who married an Elizabeth (maiden name
      unknown, but probably Elizabeth Ridley, of Isle of Wright County, sister
      of William Ridley and daughter of Peter Ridley)... resided in James City
      County, late in his life and died there in 1683. A portion of his will
      was found in the record office in London and he left his estate to his
      "eldest son and heir", Charles (2) Barham.-- From: "Southside Virginia
      Families" Vol. II, by John Bennett Boddie:.and some information provided
      to me by Bill Barham
      Charles was named in his grandfather Edward Filmer's will, 5 Dec.
      1629, and in his grandmother Elizabeth Filmer's will, 16 Mar. 1638.
      In 1649, King Charles I was executed by Oliver Cromwell.
      Captain Charles Barham immigrated in March 1652/53, per William H.
      Charles' name first appears as witness with Thomas Culmer and Sack
      Brewster to a bond of Robinson and Dorthy Kew to Alexander Mabrick in
      Surry County, Virginia, December 1, 1653; Surry County at that time being
      part of James City County (Surry Co, VA Bk. 1, pg. 42) (D. W. 1645-1715,
      p. 43).
      In 1660, the interregnum of Oliver Cromwell ended and Charles II was
      Charles Barham was listed in the Vestry of Lownes Creek Parish - 24
      May 1661 (Surry Co. VA Bk. 1, pg. 168).
      In 1663, bought 300 acres on Hog Island: I Thomas Smith, yeoman of
      Dorson Parrish Hereford England, Attorney of Richard James, yeoman and
      Wife Margery of Cossopin Parish Hereford England, Richar Watkins and wife
      Jane of Parish Dorson Hereford England, and John Meredith and wife Mary
      of Parish whitton Radnor England sell to Charles Barham gentleman of
      Lawnes Creek Parish Surry County Virginia on tract of Land 300 acres
      formerly owned by John Medmores of same parish, deceased, and given by
      will to his sisters Margery, Jane and Mary living in Hog Island Maine.
      Land includes all houses, orchards, buildings, and stock. Barham wo allow
      current tennant to stay until lease term ends. Barham paid 63 lbs
      Sterling and "hath past bill so exchange upon his brother, Richard Barham
      of London - 22 Feb 1663. (Land records Surry Co., VA, Bk. 1, pg. 228).
      Charles Barham served on a jury on 10 May 1664 (Will records, Surry
      Co., VA, Bk. 1, pg. 234). On August 8, 1664, he was given power of
      attorney from those who sold him land in 1663 (Land records, Surry Co.,
      VA, Bk. 1, pg. 254).
      William Hare deeded George Watkins and Edward Browne cattle at
      Charles Barham's on 26 June 1665 (Surry Co., VA, Bk. 1, pg. 262).
      Charles Barham witnessed the indenture of land known as Wareneck
      with Randall Holt and Watkins Cirker on 1 Nov. 1665 (Land records, Surry
      Co., VA, bk. 1, pg. 274).
      Charles' land was known as "Merchant's Hundred".
      Charles was married by Feb. 2, 1666-67 to Elizabeth Ridley when he
      and Elizabeth signed an indenture agreement with Dorothy (Stone?) Thorpe.
      Dorothy was indentured to serve Charles Barham and wife till next
      Christmas some 6 years. The Barhams were to find her sufficient lodging
      and victuals and not put her into the ground and the mortar, but to teach
      her to read and sew and to give her a cotton suit and a presentation suit
      and other things be longing to them and a two-year-old heifer at the
      expiration of her time and 10 barrels of indian corn (Surry Co., VA, Bk.
      1, pg. 342).
      Andrew Robinson and wife Anne sold 350 acres patented by Andrew
      Robinson and Peleg Dunston on 20 July 1663 to Capt. William Cockerham and
      Charles Barham, gentleman, on 17 Mar. 1666 (Land records, Surry Co., VA,
      bk.1, pg. 268).
      Capt William Cockerham and Charles Barham patent 850 acres in Surry
      Co., Va., southwest of the third swamp of the Blackwater for the
      transportation of 18 persons in 1666 (C. P. 562) (VA land Patent bk. 6,
      pg. 650).
      On 14 May 1666 was recorded the indenture Charles Barham to Joseph
      Rogers for 850 acres all that dived of land granted William Cockerham,
      deceased with Barham (lease) (Land records, Surry Co., VA, bk. 1, pg.
      Charles Barham, William Cockerham, and William Marriott were witness
      to an indenture sale by William Butler, son of William Butler deceased to
      Richard Jarrett on 2 Jan. 1668 (Land records, Surry Co., VA, bk. 1, pg.
      Charles Barham's land adjoined 206 acres which is half of a patent
      of 432 acres dated 23 Aug. 1667 belonging to Phillip Hunniford and
      located on the third swamp of the Blackwater, 4 Jan. 1668 (Land records,
      Surry Co., VA, bk. 1, pg. 294).
      Charles Barham was on Mr. Cockerham's tithe list, 10 June 1668
      (Surry Co., VA, bk. 1, pg. 315).
      Charles Barham was appointed Justice for Surry County on 20 Dec.
      1668 (Surry Co., VA, Bk. 1, pg. 338).
      Charles Barham was on a jury on 29 Nov. 1669 (Surry Co., VA, bk. 1,
      pg. 351).
      On 27 Sept. 1671, "At the house of Capt. George Watkins, Capt.
      Lawrence Baker, Mr. Charles Barham, Mr. Robert Spenser, being a court
      affiliated did examine Jane alias Jannet Davis, servant, unto said
      Watkins supposed to be with child. One month before Christmas last, one
      John Clarke who lives at Mr. Newsom's came to her in the killing or
      quartering house of Mr. Wathkin's 2 or 3 hours at night and lye with her
      and enjoyed her by carnal knowing her body. At least 4 times since lain
      with her and said John Clark is father of ye child." (Surry Co., VA, bk.
      1, pg. 378)
      The will of William Ridley, dated 1 May 1671, was probated on 19
      Oct. 1671. It names his daughter-in-law, Jane, wife of William Tukes
      (Tooke) in Surry Co., William Tukes, his wife's son-in-law , Mary and
      Elizabeth Prime, daughters of Edmund, Edmund Prime's five children, Mary
      Crewe, daughter of John, Thomas Harris, and Thomas Tukes. "My plantation
      I give unto Charles Barham, my full and whole executor, for as long as
      the lease lasts to keep John Prime, son of Edmund and to breed him up".
      He "makes Charles Barham my full and whole executor...leaving to Mr.
      Barham his daughters Elizabeth and Precilla one cow apiece." It was
      witnessed by George Bell and Robert Jones (Will records, Isle of Wight
      Co., VA, Bk. 1, pg. 98). Note: John Prime made a deposition 9 June 1688
      giving his age as 22 in IOW bk. 2, pg. 280, so John Prime was five years
      old when this will was probated.
      In another will, "Uncle Capt. Charles Barham and his wife Elizabeth"
      are made full executors; the will leaving his uncle 1000 pounds of
      tobacco and "Cousin Charles Barham, son of my loving uncle Capt. Chas.
      Barham, 5 ewes and a ram." A son, Robert, is also named in another will;
      thus leaving us with the names of at least four of Charles's children:
      Elizabeth, Charles, Jr., Priscilla, and Robert. This is confirmed by a
      petition filed with the General Assembly on Feb. 1, 1727/28 whereas
      Charles Barham, late of Martins Hundred, James City, deceased, was in his
      lifetime _____ in fee simple of 1063 acres in Martins Hundred and by his
      last will and testament dated 5 July 1682 devise the same to his son
      Charles and for want of heirs to his two daughters Elizabeth and
      Priscilla; and if all of them should die, then to his son Robert.
      Charles Barham and Stephen Allen witnessed the indenture of lease
      from William Hare and wife Mary, late wife of George Carter, dec., to
      William Alderson on 3 Jan 1672 (Land records, Surry Co., VA, bk. 1, pg.
      William Hare deeded eight cattle in open court to Capt. Charles
      Barham and Arthur Long as security for the orphan's estate of George
      Carter, dec., on 7 May 1672 (Surry Co., VA, Bk. 2, pg. 10).
      On 29 Nov. 1672, the estate of Capt. Cockerham was presented by
      Charles Barham and Robert Caufield. The bill being divided into three
      parts, there remained due to the two orphans 13,400? (Surry Co., VA, Bk.
      2, pg. 20).
      In 1673, Capt. Charles Barham was sworn in as Sheriff (Surry Co.,
      VA, Bk. 2, pg. 27). On 27 April of that year, there was an inquisition
      before Capt. Charles Barham, High sheriff, to determine the mine value of
      land formerly in the possession of Richar Blunt (Surry Co., VA, Bk. 2,
      pg. 25).
      On 26 May 1673, there was an inquisition on a plantation in the
      possession of Matthew Swann sworn before Capt. Charles Barham, High
      sheriff, to determine value (Surry Co., VA, Bk. 2, pg. 27).
      Charles Barham appeared on Capt. Baker's tithe list, 10 June 1673
      (no list was given in 1671/1672) (Surry Co., VA, Bk. 1671/90, pg. 36).
      Charles Barham, William Thompson and William Harwood witnessed the
      indenture of William and Mary Hare to William Oldis on 2 Sept. 1673
      (Surry Co., VA, Bk. 2, pg. 31).
      The will of George Watkins, dated 17 Sept. 1673, was probated on 20
      Sept. 1673. He desired to be buried in the Chancill of the Church of
      Lownes Creek as his predecessors have been and where they dwelt. He names
      his wife Elizabeth, Elizabeth Spencer, granddaughter and daughter of my
      friend Capt. Robert Spencer, cousin Charles Barham, son of my loving
      uncle Capt. Charles Barham, and cousin Christopher Watkins of Whire Hart
      Court in Lone Lane London. He gave to the Church of Lownes Creek 1000
      lbs. of tobacco, for a silver plate, to his loving uncle Capt. Charles
      Barham l000 lbs. tobacco, to John Price 300 acres next to Sunken Marsh
      Mill. William Newsom, friend William Wherwood, wife Elizabeth and uncle
      Capt. Charles Barham were executors; witnesses were William Sherwood and
      Jennett J. Davis (mark) see 27 Sep 1671 above. (Will records, Surry Co.,
      VA, Bk. 1671/84, pg. 36).
      On 7 Apr. 1674, probate was granted to Mrs. Elizabeth Watkins,
      relict, and Capt. Charles Barham, on the will of Capt. George Watkins
      (Will records, Surry Co., VA, Bk. 2, pg. 51).
      Charles Barham appeared on Charles Barham's tithe list, 10 June 1674
      (Will records, Surry Co., VA, Bk. 2, pg. 63). On that same day, David
      Williams presented Capt. Charles Barham and Robert Caufield as securities
      for the estate of William Harris, orphan (Guardian accts., Surry Co., VA,
      Bk. 2, pg. 63). Upon the petition of Elizabeth Watkins, widow, it was
      ordered that James Hugate orphan, remain with her until he becomes 21.
      She presented Capt. Barham security for performances of same condition on
      10 June 1674 (Guardian accts., Surry Co., VA, Bk. 1, pg. 6).
      On July 4, 1674, a judgement was granted to Capt. Barham and
      Elizabeth Watkins, executors of Capt. George Watkins, against John
      Kindred for 400 lbs. of tobacco (Order records, Surry Co., VA, Bk.
      1671/90, pg. 90).
      Thomas Lane, age 39, and John Price were summoned to appraise the
      estate of Thomas Taylor, sworn before Capt. Charles Barham, 1 Sept. 1674
      (Surry Co., VA, Bk. 2, pg. 60).
      On September 4, 1674, William Newsum presented the account of the
      estate of Thomas Hart. Capt. Charles Barham and Robert Spencer,
      gentlemen, bound themselves as security (Order records, Surry Co., VA,
      bk. 1671/90, pg. 75).
      Richard West of Boston appointed his friend Mr. Charles Barham as
      his attorney to see after his bonds and interests. Witnesses were Samuel
      Swann and Thomas Taylor, 5 Apr. 1675. (Surry Co., VA, Book 2, pg. 112).
      Charles Barham was on Charles Barham's tithe list, 10 Jun 1675
      (Surry Co., VA, Bk. 2, pg. 94).
      Charles Barham witnessed a gift deed of David and Elizabeth Andrews
      to their only son, David, on 8 Sept. 1675 (Surry Co., VA, Bk. 2, pg. 87).
      Justices Capt. Charles Barham and Robert Caufield listened to the
      testimony of widow Martha William concerning her husband's estate on 17
      Apr. 1676 (Surry Co., VA, Bk. 2, pg. 112).
      On 25 Apr. 1676, the inventory of Thomas Amry's estate was sworn
      before Capt. Charles Barham by Ruth Amry (Surry Co., VA, Bk. 2, pg. 115).
      All tithables below Warenect were ordered to carry their possessions
      to the houses of Capt. Charles Barham and Mr. Francis Mason on 24 Aug.
      1676 (Order records, Surry Co., VA, Bk. 1671/90, pg. 132).
      Charles Barham appeared on Charles Barham's tithe list, 10 June 1677
      (there was no list record in 1676) (Surry Co., VA, Bk. 2, pg. 146).
      On July 4, 1677, Jeremiah Ellis, age 34, testified about a horse of
      Capt. Barham's (used in Bacon's rebellion) (Will record, Surry Co., VA,
      Bk. 2, pg. 131).
      Surry Co. Justices appointed by Gov. Herbert Jeffries on 5 Nov. 1677
      included: Lt. Col. George Jordan, Capt. Lawrence Baker, Major William
      Browne, Mr. Robert Caufield, Mrs. Arthur Allen, Capt. Samuel Swann, Capt.
      Charles Barham, Capt. Robert Spenser, Mr. Benjamin Harrison, Mr. Nicholas
      Meriweather, and Mr. Francis Mason (Surry Co., VA, Bk. 2, pg. 58).
      Account of arms sold by Charles Barham - Pair of pistols, holster,
      and sword to George Proctor (and himself), pistols and holsters sold to
      Sion Hill, swords sold to Robert Ruffin, William Edwards, William Newcom,
      John White, and John Price (this was immediately after Bacon's rebellion
      and Capt. Barham was being reimbursed for weapons sold to the people who
      remained loyal) (Order records, Surry Co., VA, Bk. 1, pg. 181-182).
      On 1 Mar. 1678, the indenture of Thomas Drew to Richard Drew was
      witnessed by Charles Barham and Robert Ruffin (Surry Co., VA, Bk. 2, pg.
      Tithe list by Charles Barham - Charles Barham, Jonathan Giffin,
      Andaro Right, Peg a negro, 10 June 1678 (Surry Co., VA, Bk. 2, pg. 189).
      Margaret Powell, servant to William Gray, having during the time she
      served Capt. Barham, run away several times, appeared in court on 4 Mar.
      1678 willing to serve 6 months. It was ordered she serve 6 months (Order
      records, Surry Co., VA, Bk. 1, pg. 241) That same day, the difference
      between William Edwards guardian to Elizabeth Carter and Charles Barham
      was referred to the next court.
      On 26 Apr. 1679, a jury viewed the body of a drowned man and swore a
      verdict before Capt. Charles Barham (Order records, Surry Co., VA, Bk. 1,
      pg. 206).
      Judgement granted William Edwards, guardian to Elizabeth Carter,
      orphan of George Carter, dec., against Capt. Charles Barham for present
      delivery of 3 cows, 6 May 1679 (Order records, Surry Co., VA, Bk. 1, pg.
      Charles Barham's Tithe list - Charles Barham, George Prince, Andaro
      Right, a negro woman, 10 June 1679 (Surry Co., VA, Bk. 2, pg. 227).
      In 1680, there was an account of sale of goods sold for the estate
      of Nicholas Hoskins listing "Barham 1 house about 4 yrs old" (Surry Co.,
      VA, Bk. 2). Charles Barham's tithe list - Charles Barham, Thomas Ward,
      3 negroes (This appears to be the last year that Charles is a thihable),
      10 Jun. 1680 (Surry Co., VA, Bk. 2, pg. 268).
      On 30 Aug. 1680, Charles Barham of Lownes Creek Parish, gentleman,
      signed an indenture to Joseph Rogers in consideration of 8,000 lbs.
      tobacco and all my interest in 850 acres of land granted to William
      Cockerham and Charles Barham, 14 May 1666 - land known as Pocoinck and
      located on east side of the third swamp of the Blackwater (Will record,
      Surry Co., VA, bk. 2, pg. 271).
      On 3 Nov. 1680, there was recorded a bond of John Case to pay
      Edward, orphan of Edward Browne, deceased, his part of his father's
      estate. Securities were Charles Barham and William Seward; witnesses were
      John Rutherford and Will Foreman (Surry Co., VA, Bk. 2, pg. 6 in back of
      The estate of Samuel Cornell paid rent to Capt. Charles Barham and
      Robert Caufield for the account of Thomas Cockerham in September 1683
      (Surry Co., VA, Bk. 2, pg. 333).
      Charles died about September 1683 in James City Co., VA (see
      grandson Charles' 1727 record).--Don Barham, Descendants of Warin de
      Bereham--1178, (attachment to e-mail dated January 12, 1998 from to
      Charles Barham was High Sheriff of Surry County, VA, 1673, Justice,
      After the death of Captain Charles Barham, his son Charles, Jr.,
      entered the land. He left it to his oldest son and heir who was also
      named Charles. Our own line of descent is not from this son Charles, Jr.,
      but from his brother Robert who was to inherit if Charles, Jr. died.
      Fortunately, our ancestor Robert lived in Surry County where the records
      still exist and are fairly numerous.
      see Robert Clutterbuck, History of Hertfordshire, 1 172 for Filmer
      chart; Also Berry, Kent Genealogies, 404; Virginia Magazine of History
      and Biography, 34: 340; 48: 276-280; James Renat Scott, Scotts of Scott's
      Hall, pp. 170-171 (this book should be used with great care) Much
      material. on this line in files of James W. G. MacClamroch, Esq., of
      Greensboro, NC.-Weis, Frederick Lewis, The Magna Charta Sureties, 1215,
      (Fourth Edition, Baltimore, 1991, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.), p.
      See A Roll of Arms Boston #457; Register of the Order of Americans
      of Armorial Ancestry, pgs. 31 and 69 - Harleian Society London, The
      Visitation of Kent, 1574 and 1592, part 1, 1922; 1530 part 1 - Armiger
      Captain Charles Barham 1626-1683 of County Kent England; of James City
      and Surry Co VA as early as 1654 - Arms; Argent, a fess gules between
      three bears passant sable muzzled Or - crest; A stork among bulrushes
      proper.--Don Barham, Descendants of Warin de Bereham--1178, (attachment
      to e-mail dated January 12, 1998 from to

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